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Females 20 in 20: icons community

Females 20 in 20: icons community

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Female 20 in 20 Icon Contest
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Welcome to Females 20in20!
Welcome to Females20in20!
You will make 20 icons of any female (or females) of your choice. Your claim could be an actress, a model, a singer, a movie character etc., or a combination of females, you can claim a couple, a band, a movie/series as long as you are going to icon females.

Each time you will make:
+10 themed icons (each icon will have a particular theme)
+5 category icons (a set of 5 icons that follow one theme)
+5 artist choice icons (5 icons of your choice)

You may either post your icons directly to the community or leave a link to your journal. All posts must be made public. Leave 3 icons as a teaser when posting, either with your link or above the cut.

1. You must choose ONE female (or more if the round rules say so) to make 20 icons of.

2. The same female CAN be selected only one time in one round.

3. You may not use the same female twice in a row.

4. You cannot enter more than one female per round.

5. NEW: if you claim a character, you can icon the actress who plays this character as well, but the majority of your icons should still be of the character you claimed.

6. Each icon must be NEW and made specifically for the round. No prior work may be submitted.

7. You can post your icons before voting goes up. You will be granted posting access once you choose your female.

8. You can either post your icons to the group or leave a link to your journal. Posts MUST BE MADE PUBLIC.

9. Icons must meet LJ standards (under 40kb, 100x100 pixels, .png/.jpg/.gif format)

10. Please vote without bias. Only vote based on the QUALITY of icons, not who made them or which female you prefer.

11. Icons cannot be animated.

Thank you moonshinefaerie for the banner!

tvcharacter20 musicians20in20 disney20in20 redheads20in20 foodie_itest mars_itest rand_icontests venus_itest world_icontest disney20in30, dc20in30, splash20in20 episodes20in20 season20in20

If you have any questions or comments, please either leave a message on a mod post or a personal message.
Moderator/Maintainer: gabby227

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